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AR Printing House keeps all the pre-press, press and post-press steps within its structure. We are ready to offer full service with our large format offset machines on premises and digital printing solutions, as well as providing dispersion varnish, UV varnish, corrugated metal spinning with cellophane coating after the actual printing, as well as cutting, sewing and gluing services...



We believe our company’s most important unit is our design department. Our designers work with our customers in unison to give them exactly needed products in packaging and cardboard stands. Design department staff constantly renews themselves with the latest technology and innovations to create the most appropriate designs which would have less wastage at the most convenient prices. On the other hand, our graphic/design part of our department offers our customers custom made designs for their business as well as offering services in film, GRP, installation, desktop studies, digital proofing with latest designed color separation units and automatic mold drawing machine to make the best quality products at economical prices. All these services are given under one roof of our company.




We use the following list of machines in our business to give the cleanest and the most meticulous products to our customers;

120x160 5 Renk Roland 800
110x160 4 Renk Roland 800
100x140 6 Renk Roland 800
70x100 5 Renk + Lak Roland 700




We are ready to give plastering services with our plaster units for all types of single and double cardboards on our premises. The following units are available for our use on production floor;

140 x 160 cm Ding Shung LAMINATOR
125 x 145 cm Ding Shung LAMINATOR
Hand plastering is also available in different sizes.





Following units are available for cutting part of our production floor for all types of cardboard and micro cardboard materials.

120 x 170 cm Bobina Semi-Automatic Cutting Unit
120 x 160 cm Semi-Automatic ETERNA
120 x 160 cm DROSSERT
80 x 120 cm TITAN
70 x 100 cm BOBST Full Automatic Cutting Unit
57 x 82 cm HEIDELBERG
145 cm Cutter
115 cm Cutter




We are equipped with;
DIANA 140 cm 3 point gluing unit
FAB 85 cm 3 point gluing unit
Lamina Gluer 2,2 m




The following units provide clean and meticulous digital printing at our production department;

Neolt X-jet 2050


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