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Our company was established in 1949 which started in the industry with printing block technique. As new technologies in printing business developed, we committed ourselves to continuously track these technologies to bring the best service to our customers. Working with most advance world standards AR PRINTING HOUSE will bring you the most advanced products in fastest ways possible and we will provide you with the most convenient prices...

Our Mission is becoming a partner to our customers for their all printing needs by using our expertise along with the current technology to give them savings and reliability in this globalized but also the shrinking world. We are here to answer to their diversified demands quickly at affordable prices. We serve to industries such as Food, Textile, Pharmaceutical and Health Products, Stationery, Cleaning and Cosmetic Products, Housewares, Automotive, Electrical and Electronics, Hardware, and others such as these.

Our expertise is concentrated on cardboard stands, billboards, posters, boxes, corrugated boxes, packaging and custom packaging. We also provide our experienced staff, which is capable of performing manual labor to assemble the stands we make for you upon request.



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